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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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chairperson farrell: good afternoon. welcome to the government audit and oversight committee. i am joined by vice chair sean elsbernd and president david chiu. i want to think -- thank sfgtv. >> please make sure to silence all the vices. speaker cards should be given to the court. items will be acted on during the april 3 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. item number 1, adopting and implementing amendment 2 to the service employees international union, local 1021. >> this amendment is an
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amendment to the current contract the city has with sciu local 1021 to implement a legal settlement surrounding some outstanding litigation. it does not affect the current year budget in any way. all agreements will take place at the close of this. supervisor elsbernd: the costs associated for the out years, the next two years -- there was a lot in the controller's letter i did not understand. the employees have agreed to notice these costs in current negotiations and credit them as such -- what does that mean? >> based on our agreement to start paying released individuals' premiums, it will cost the city approximately
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$4.80 million, which is about 0.65% of payroll. that will actually count toward the settlement in the city's favor during the current year's negotiations. we are in bargaining right now for a successor agreement. this will count toward the cost of that agreement. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. chairperson farrell: any other comments? with that, we will open it up to public comment. other members of the public that would like to comment on this item? please lineup on the side. come on up. >> my name is gus feldman. i am a field representative. i have the proud owner of representing and advocating for the hard-working employees of san francisco general hospital. as we know, back in 2009, there was a stream of unfortunate circumstances that left, i
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believe, approximately 300 of our members previously classified as nursing assistants with pay deductions amounting to about 20%. there were doing the same work they're doing prior to what we called the de-skilling of the patient care assistant classification. they are doing the same exact work, yet woke up one day with a notice that their pay was to be reduced by about 20%. this was a gross injustice. as you guys probably recall, we fought against it with the utmost vigor and passion that we could. it is very much a relief that since 2009 our members voted to sacrifice their own pay to create a fund to supplement the loss in pay of these 300 edec = = de -- 300 the classified
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employees. -- 300 declassified employees. we would like to thank the labor relations portion of human resources for working with us to resolve this matter. we think this committee as well for reviewing this and hopefully of proving it. thank you. chairperson farrell: thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is douglas yep. i used to work at san francisco general hospital. i am a little puzzled by this mou. mainly i am puzzled as to why it was assigned to this committee. it seems this is a financial matter rather than an audit and oversight matter. i do not know whether it actually belongs here. i have a feeling that maybe it is here because there is something else to do on this
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committee. i find that a little hard to believe, but maybe i am wrong. i would like to thank mr. feldman for his comments. he is part of the new 1021. in my opinion, it is a vast improvement over the previous 1021 i had to endure with. hopefully, this mou, whichever way it goes, will benefit the union. hopefully, the union will continue to improve itself. we have to be optimistic in the future, even though, according to my interpretation, the union sometimes cooperates with the employer to often. it is kind of like the nfl situation, where you need a commissioner to put down the hammer on people that obstruct justice. the last thing i have to say it is -- who is the next coach sean peyton? chairperson farrell: thank you.
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next speaker. >> gabriel holland, san francisco but the coordinator for 1021. i want to thank the city for bringing this to your city. i hope you support it. our union supports it. as gus feldman mentioned earlier, deskilling captures part of the picture. to go more global, it is about valuing the work of people of color. that is why these classifications years ago had a raise. we had a comparative for the study and found those positions were underfunded because the were primarily women and people of color. 80% to 90% women and people of color. the value of their work, because of sexism and racism, is considered lower. those wages were increased. we were sorry to see the decrees and fought vigorously against
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that, as some of you may know. we are pleased this wrong was addressed before. we are pleased it is being addressed again. thank you very much. chairperson farrell: thank you. any other members of the public that wish to speak? seeing none, a public comment is closed. colleagues, any comments? entertain a motion. a motion to send this forward with recommendations to the full board. can we take that without rep -- without objection? so moved. >> there are no further items. chairperson farrell: meeting adjourned.
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[laughter] [inaudible]
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>> you have me very confused right now. all set? captioned by the national captioning institute supervisor avalos: good morning, welcome to the transportation plans and authority. please call the roll. >> item number one. roll-call. [calls roll] we have a quorum. supervisor avalos: thank you. i expect that we will be joined by commissioner kim. we have a motion to excuse commissioner calling. a motion seconded by commissioner olague. taken without objection. great. the clerk of the committee is erica chang.
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we want to thank sf g t v four broadcasting committee as well. please call item no. 2. >> approval of the minutes of february 14, 2012. supervisor avalos: motion to approve the minutes. seconded by commissioner olague. seeing no one come forward, bubo close public comments. on the motion second, we will approve. thank you. >> item #3. citizens advisory committee report. this is an information item. supervisor avalos: welcome.
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>> good morning. my name is joseph brannigan. i am the vice chair of the citizens advisory committee. i will be providing the cac chair report today, since the chp -- cac chair, glenn davis, is unable to attend the meeting. there are four items on the agenda that the cac reviewed at our february meeting. they are the following. item number five, allocation of 125 -- $124,000 in prop k funds to the mta for two requests an
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appropriations of 74,000 connector road. this item was passed unanimously by the cac. it initially faced community opposition. loss of parking, a left turn restrictions, reduction on following lanes for creating a class two bicycle lane on second street authority, where we were assured more community outreach was needed for the project to proceed.
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dw stated in resigned the address community concerns. dpw was working with the mta regarding the public outreach of this project. additional discussions centered on the need for the additional ceqa approval for redesign project and upgrades regarding how the project would benefit the senior and disabled communities, to which authorities staff responded that there were upgrades to bicycle and pedestrian facilities, which would improve safety and benefit seniors and residents with disabilities.
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item #6, approval for bayshore model stations and access studies with an idle report. sorry. the item was passed with seven yes votes two -- votes, two absentees'. there was a brief discussion on the need of shangri-la to be developed for bayshore station to be viable in the future. item seven, approval of the western south of market neighborhood transportation
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plan final report. this item was passed unanimously by the cac, without discussion. item #8 concurs with the cycle 3 lifeline transportation program of proper 1b project priorities, as submitted by ac france said. bridge, highway, and transportation district, and the san mateo county transfer district. these items was passed as part of the cac's event calendar and had six votes in favor, two against, and one absent.
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with this, i conclude my report. i would be happy to answer any questions. thank you very much. supervisor avalos: thank you, mr. flanagan. commissioners, any questions for the vice chair of the citizens advisory committee? i have a quick question on the gerald project before approval today. did you hear about any? thank you for your presentation. we can open this up for public comment. seen no one, we will close public comment. this is an information item. if we could go to item number
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four? commissioner? >> item #4. recommend appointment of one member to the citizens advisory committee. supervisor olague: i would ask that we continue this until the next hearing. i am getting a lot of interest and i wanted to make sure to have the opportunity to meet with a few of the people who are interested, as well as mr. jones, and we have not had a chance to sit down. i would like a metal more -- no more time. -- little more time. supervisor avalos: continued until the next plans and programs meeting? supervisor olague: the next plans and programs meeting. >> is anyone here today that has not a cure before the committee
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before and interested in the position? supervisor avalos:." thank you for that -- supervisor avalos: thank you for that reminder. are there any members of the public who have applied for the citizens advisory committee? we can open up to your ability to come forward. ok. so, this item, colleagues, we can continue to the next plans and programs meeting? without objection. ok. if we do have someone coming and need to rescind the vote to continue, we can do that. madam clerk, item number five, please. >> item #5. recommend allocation of $124,000 in prop k funds, with
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conditions, to the san francisco municipal transportation agency for two requests and appropriation of $74,000 for the quint-jerrold connector road, subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules, and amendment of the relevant 5-year prioritization programs. this is an action item. >> good morning, chair and the members. this item is on page 23 of your packet. i will be the first request allocation funds for the asset mta -- sf mta . first, i wanted to do an overview of the traffic signal project. a $42,000 traffic allocation project to match the highway safety improvement fund that are going to make detailed the -- design phase for five intersections along masonic avenue. on page 34 of your inclosure, you can see exactly which intersections those are.
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fulton street, grove street, and eight streets -- haight street. this request links into the masonic avenue street redesign study, which was completed early in 2011. the currently proposed upgrades would take three objectives from that study, including reducing the number of vehicular collisions along the corridor. that study is currently under environmental review. at 78 is expected to begin the design work for this request by in the spring of 2012, completing construction in 2014. submitting future prop k requests to leverage the remaining highway safety


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